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When both of them went then first things they went to cinema. They booked ticket and sit in the hall after some time both started talking when romantic scene came in the film then both became romantic. And both catch each other hand started lips kiss each other lips kiss have been continue 20 minutes. After lips kiss both want to do many things then that boy touch her Brest and puce it and girl also touch his penis both became too much romantic they forget that they are in cinema hall and keep our love to each other. After some time, both come to out to cinema hall and go to food look likes girlfriend and boyfriend rounding. Then both of then ate some food and go in hotel they booked a room and slept on the bed after some time both of them again started kissing each other now there is no disturbances each other so that they non- stop kissed each other. After some time, boy started open the clothes of girl first side her t-shirt and pressed her boobs hardly girl started crying like porn video girl. After some open her jeans now, girl in only bra and panty she looks like the beauty of queen, she looks like the goddess of beauty come on the earth. That boy look likes became made to see her and started kissing her body every part ever touches her boobs ever touch her pussy.

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